Good Morning

This is Strangely in Between. I use this as a test environment for any problems I find interesting, as well as work for clients (most of which is hidden). It is also a repository for various files and other things that I may find either interesting or possibly useful at some future time in some possible world.

This is SilverStripe 3.1, currently running the default theme. I may (or may not) eventually write something a bit more interesting (though other than the huge header text sizes, I like it).

Quote of the Day

For what am I in the eyes of most people? A nonentity, or an oddity, or a disagreeable man, some one who neither has nor ever will have any place in society—in short something less than the least. Well, granting that this is so, I should like to show by my work what the heart of such a nonentity, of such an insignificant man, conceals. --Van Gogh

Where "day" is defined as an indeterminate amount of time. As of this writing, "day" is 31.25 average real days (ARD).